As an Subject-Matter Expert Source Directory

We can help you find the experts you're seeking

​​​​​​​ At the end of the day, your story begins with you

As a Subject Matter Expert (SME) you no double rely upon media like ours to get your message out. 

Our business is about helping people like you produce their stories through podcasts and other media.  As stated previously, ours is a proven business model for building relationships, growing businesses, and serving the communities and do businesses.  With us, you can have it all under one roof, as it were.

​​​​​​​ Specialized Studio and Equipment

Each Business RadioX ® Studio Partners is equipped to book, host, and publish podcasts they produce for guests.  These podcasts are often sponsored by local businesses who have an interest in the subject matter being discussed.  Under such circumstance, the podcast guests will likely seek out his or her listening audience create the added buzz needed to make their podcast efforts worthwhile.

At the end of each podcast production, the Studio Partner will gather all of the content (audios, bios, images, and other pertinent information) that is needed for publishing the podcast on the Business RadioX ®​​​​​​​ website and other audio distribution networks, as required by podcast guests.

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​​​​​​​Podcast Production and Distribution

Whether you’re an SME looking for an established professional podcast or a new podcaster starting from scratch with your own series, our all-in-one podcast production and customer-centric services can help.

From production to distribution, and everything in between.

Beginning with our own podcast library containing thousands of podcasts going back more than a decade, we take great pride in the fact that we also utilize all of the known podcast distribution platforms available today.  Using Spreaker as our core podcast hub, We leave no stone unturned to gain the most visibility we distribute our Studio Partners and their podcast guests shows to virtually every podcast app available today.

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​​​​​​​ Online Marketing

Through the eXpert Source Directory, Business RadioX ® provides Studio Partners and their Export Guests access to a full range of online marketing features that are built-in to the platform. Also available as an option to Studio Partners and their Guests are online marketing tools that are external*, including:

  1. Pixel-perfect website and sales funnel development
  2. Digital Magazine editor
  3. Email marketing campaign creation
  4. Webinar / presentation development
  5. Animated and floating video editor
  6. Script generation tools, and 
  7. Much, much more

* These External Optional tools can also be monetized.

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As An Expert Source Directory

We Understand the Gifts of Knowledge!

The Services offered to experts through the eXpert Source Directory include, but are not limited to assuring expert guests receive maximum exposure, locally, nationally and globally.